Commercial Tumble Dryer Repair

As the UK’s commercial tumble dryer repair experts, industrial sectors such as the NHS trust Wash Tech to repair and maintain their appliances.

We understand the importance of quick and professional service. If one of your commercial tumble dryers had developed a fault, call us on 0330 205 0220 or fill out the form [location].

With thousands of parts in stock, we’re ready to deal with any emergency quickly and keep your laundry room running smoothly.

Wash Tech has been operating since 1984, gaining hundreds of five-star reviews on Review Centre which is why 98% of our clients would recommend us.

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Common Faults

  • The dryer runs despite the door being open
  • The tumble dryer is unusually noisy
  • Clothes overheat in the dryer
  • Clothes do not dry quickly enough
  • The drum doesn’t rotate
  • The machine produces an unpleasant odour
  • The dryer filters are blocked
  • The dryer thermostat is faulty
  • The dryer doesn’t function at all


Tumble Dryer Service

An interim tumble dryer service can increase appliance efficiency and reduce the likelihood of breakdown, saving you time and money.

Speak to Wash Tech to find out more about our bespoke service plans.

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Case Study ★★★★★

Corbury Launderettes* offer coin operated laundry services at several busy city centre locations. When a machines breaks down it has an immediate impact on revenue and customer satisfaction.

Wash Tech were first called out to a Corbury launderette in Birmingham to investigate a tumble dryer malfunction. The repair required a replacement part, which we had in stock on the van so our engineers were able to repair the appliance within hours of them contacting us.

Corbury now rely on our professional service to promptly repair appliances at all of their branches.

*The name of this organisation has been changed to protect client confidentiality.